Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding with the Dog Nannies is like

A Loving Second Home for Your Pet

Why Board with a Dog Nanny Instead of a Kennel?

The Dog Nannies offers the best in dog boarding services to the Park City and surrounding areas. Why send your dog to a cold, lonely kennel when he or she could stay in the loving home of one of our care-givers? Our experienced staff will welcome your pet into their home and treat them like a member of the family while you are away.  Your pet’s comfort and safety is our main concern.  Our Nannies’ homes are screened and tailored to provide a safe and happy environment for your four-legged friend.

A Stress-free Vacation for Your Dog

Kennels can be stressful for your dog, causing anxiety and sadness while you are away. Your dog will be happier, healthier and more loved in one of our Nannie’s homes.  Your dog can enjoy the same routine they experience at home…comfy couches, walks, hikes, brushing and all the comforts of home while you are away.  Your dog will look forward to returning to their “home away from home” and will have a positive experience instead of dreading the sight of the suitcase.

During your Dog’s stay with his or her loving Nanny, we provide a tailored experience to meet your specific needs.

Care Options while Boarding with Dog Nannies

Each of our care options is customizable and will fit the needs of your pet.
The Dog Nannies offers these great packages to the Park City and surrounding areas.

Basic Care Option is a great option for:
  • A mature dog who sleeps a lot
  • A small dog who is used to being alone for long periods
  • A dog with a minor impairment
  • A dog who doesn’t socialize well
The Intermediate Care Option is usually appropriate for:
  • A dog who requires more attention
  • A dog that needs more frequent potty breaks (4-5); perhaps a puppy that is not yet potty trained
  • Please note – the Intermediate Care Option is required for 3-4 animals
The Advanced Care Option would be appropriate for:
  • An aged, sick or handicapped dog
  • A pampered or needy dog (abused rescue dog, neurotic, etc.)
  • A dog that cannot be left alone (numerous reasons)
  • A dog with dietary or prescription medicine requirements
  • A dog that is incontinent
  • Please note – the Advanced Care Option is required for more than 4 animals
Please call us to put together a custom plan for your four legged-friend. We will be glad to accommodate your individual needs.

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