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It’s 2016 and a new year can usually mean setting a few updated workout goals for yourself. Luckily there is a refreshing new type of fitness class popping up all over the country that caters to the human and to their furry friends. You don’t have to leave your pup out of the getting-fit fun; there is a growing trend of people exercising with their dogs. The options span from yoga classes to outdoor boot camps as dogs are invited onto the mat and into the field with their owners.
In the US more than half of dogs are overweight and almost 69% of humans, so it simply makes sense to get in some exercise with your dogs. Fitness Centers are tapping into the interest and offering human/dog exercise classes with names like “Leash Your Fitness” in San Diego and “Thank Dog Bootcamp”. Pet owners don’t have to feel guilty about leaving their pup behind to hit the gym.
Downward dog isn’t just for people. There is a Yoga for dogs DVD that is available for people to do their favorite poses along with their dogs. Some instruction focuses on gazing and simple meditation.
If you and your energetic pup prefer a faster speed, there are a number of boot camp style fitness classes all over the country. Usually held outdoors, say in a neighborhood park, people and their dogs do puppy push-ups, run sprints, do squats and participate in an obstacle course.
Pups Run Amuck
Organized runs with dogs are becoming more popular. People are signing up in great numbers for 15K and even half marathons. There is now a specialty leash that fastens around a runner’s waist, leaving the runner hands free while the dog remains on the leash at all times.
Gear Up Before You Go
Most classes welcome dog sizes and breeds of all kinds, but make sure that you are prepared for the conditions.  If you are out at night make sure to be properly illuminated with lights and reflecting devices and keep in mind that hot concrete, rock and sand can be especially hot to a dogs foot pads. Tote plenty of water, and a drinking bowl for your exercise mate.
Please join the Dog Nannies in their long-time support of the Animal Rescue Site.  Working the Greater Good this organization raises support for unwanted animals on a local and national level.  Follow this link to find out how you can help with this important cause.

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