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How to “Winterize” Your Pet

By November 4, 2015 No Comments
If winter hasn’t arrived at your household, it is fast approaching. While most people routinely winterize their house, cars and wardrobe, it is absolutely essential to include all pets in the winterization process.
All pets should have wellness check-ups by their vet to ensure they are ready for winter. Cold weather may worsen some conditions, like arthritis, so it’s best to have this addressed ahead of time. Make sure your furry friend has a nice warm place to sleep, off the floor and away from drafts. Many pets prefer a nice bed and some like an extra pillow or blanket. Make sure that your pet is chipped or is wearing a tag with its name and owner’s phone number at all times. If your pet is spending a considerable amount of time frolicking out of doors, make sure they are staying well hydrated and well fed. They will be burning more calories as the temperature drops.
For The Dogs:
While walking outdoors, keep your dog on a leash. It is easy for dogs to become disoriented during a snowstorm and become lost. After a walk, wipe off a dogs legs, feet and stomach. Dogs can ingest salt, antifreeze and other chemicals that are on the snow. Also, steer clear of ice and heavily salted areas as this can be harmful to a dogs paws. It is a bad idea to aggressively shave your dog in the winter, as they need their winter coats for warmth.  For pups that are susceptible to cold, or short haired breeds, there are a number of adequate coats. Just make sure that the coat has a high collar or turtle neck and that the coat covers from the base of the tail and under the belly.
For The Cats:
Experts recommend keeping cats indoors during the winter. If outdoors, make sure that your cat is not resting under the hood of a car. Many cats see this as a nice, warm place for a nap, but it can be deadly.  Bang loudly on the hood of the vehicle to scare away any stow aways.
For The People:
Many people prepare for emergencies, like blizzards and power outages, with a disaster preparedness kit. Keep in mind that you remain responsible for your pet, even in the case of emergency. Remember to pack an adequate supply of food, water and medications for your furry faced friend.
Follow these tips and maximize winter fun for you and your pet.
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