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Is Your Savings Going to the Dogs?

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While they may be man and woman’s best friend, these dog breeds come with considerable financial obligation. Here are the five most expensive dog breeds in the United States to buy and to keep healthy, happy and looking their best.
5. Rottweiler:
Rottweilers are big and strong and known for being an excellent protection dog and a loyal pet.  Historically this breed was used to herd cattle and pull carts but is now more common to use as guard dogs, guide dogs and search and rescue. They do require significant training from a young age and can cost as much as $8,000.
4. English Bulldog:
One of the most popular breeds in the country right now, English Bulldogs are known for their love of eating and sleeping. Square and clownish, they can be considered mid-sized with an adult weighing in at about 50 pounds. They are known to be excellent family dogs as they tend to bond closely with children.  Their price tag starts at $9,000 but breathing issues can lead to high vet bills.
3. Samoyed
People like Samoyeds because they are white and fluffy and their black lips curl upward which makes them appear to be smiling. Once used as reindeer herders and to pull sleds this breed hails from Siberia.  Their disposition is playful and rarely aggressive and too friendly to stand post as a guard dog. Samoyed pups start at $11,000.
2. Cavalier King Charles-Spaniel
One of the most popular breeds in their native country England, Cavalier King Charles-Spaniels are now one of the most popular in the US as well. Friendly, affectionate and good with children this breed requires a lot of human interaction and has a relatively short life-span, under 10 years. They oftentimes suffer from heart disease, hip dysplasia and other ailments. This Spaniel is known for its silky fur and requires regular grooming. The price starts at $14,000.
1. German Shephard
A German breed developed to herd sheep.  The German Shephard is one of the most intelligent breeds distinguished by strength and trainability. This is a breed used for search and rescue, police and military work and even acting. German Shepherds are fiercely protective and require training and socializing.  The price for these dogs starts at $3,000 but can go as high as $24,000.
This list should go to show you that if money can’t buy you love; it can certainly buy you a lovely puppy.

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