Top 5 Holiday Gifts for the Pet Lover

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‘Tis the gift giving time of year!  You don’t want to leave your pets, or your pet loving friends, out of the fun. Lucky for you, we’ve searched near and far for the ultimate holiday gifts especially picked for pets and their humans.
1. The LED collar will light up your dog helping you keep your eyes on him/her as well as making your pet more visible to drivers and other walkers. Ideal for nighttime, blizzards and fog, this isn’t just a gift for the dogs; these collars are terrific for cats as well. They come in a wide range of colors and range and are favorably priced in the $5-$10 dollar range. At this price point you can afford a few different colors to coordinate with the holidays!
2. So simple, so genius; so why didn’t I think of that? The Ollie Bottle is a 1 liter water bottle with a detachable dog bowl! You can share water with your pup, without sharing slobber. These bottles are BPA-free, lightweight and come in pink, light blue and smoke. At $14.99 that’s a holiday gift to wag a tail over.
3. For the fish lover in your life, check out a wall-mount fish bowl. No counter space, no problem!  Make your gold fish or beta a work of art. Easy on the eyes and even easier to clean you can pick one of these slick containers up on for about $15.
4. Love your pet but hate the rattle of dog/cat tags in the middle of the night? Enter SiliDog, a pet tag made out of silicone, not only is it durable and customizable but it remains silent even when your best fur pal has a serious case of fleas.
5. For the new dog owner we love this Dog Starter Kit by Wildebeest. It ships in recycled packaging and contains a collar, leash, 2 tennis balls, pick-up baggies, a water/food bowl and a cool backpack to carry it all in. Goodness knows you can NEVER have too many tennis balls, or poo bags. You can customize the kit by color and size which makes this gift a winner every time.
The holidays are a time to enjoy with all the creatures in your life and there is no shortage of ways to show your appreciation. Just make sure that all toys, outfits and treats are 100% safe and please have a Very Merry Holiday!
Please join the Dog Nannies in their long-time support of the Animal Rescue Site.  Working with Greater Good this organization raises support for unwanted animals on a local and national level.  Follow this link to see how you can help with this important cause.

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