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0_0_0_0_250_250_csupload_65746847_largePark City is a city that observes and encourages the Yellow Ribbon Rule. And what is that you ask? Dogs that have any type of aggression can wear a yellow ribbon around their collar to alert those around the dog that he/she does not want to be approached.

What type of dogs should be wearing a yellow ribbon?
  • Dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs
  • Dogs that are aggressive with people
  • Shy dogs that can be considered “fear biters”
  • Rescue dogs that are new to the home
  • Injured dogs

If there is any reason that you do not want your dog approached by other dogs or people simply put a yellow ribbon their collar and this alerts everyone to stay away and give you  a wide berth.

Walking your dog should be a peaceful and relaxing exercise that not only gives your dog physical and mental stimulation but also is a fine time to bond with your canine. If you are constantly worried about an “incident” while walking your dog he/she will pick up on your anxiety which only stresses him/her much more and makes them more apt to be even more aggressive.

There is nothing wrong in admitting and safeguarding your dog against such stressful events. Like people, dogs come in all shapes and sizes and personalities and temperments. The yellow ribbon is not announcing to the world you have a “bad dog”. When I see a dog with a yellow ribbon on I just think it has a responsible and respectful “forever friend” that cares enough to protect the dog as well as others around.

The yellow ribbon can be used even if your dog is not aggressive. The yellow says caution and “give me space”. So use it freely for whatever reason you might have.


Walks are meant to be be fun and enjoyed and something to be looked forward to….

So happy walking!!!

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